About Us


Providing a seamless customer service experience through dedicated staff, quality craftsmanship, and reliability.

If you're in need of construction services for your home or commercial space, consider working with Post Oak Construction Services LLC. Each project starts with a complimentary bid and progresses with attention to detail, pricing, and focus on a superior customer service experience. Let us know what you want, and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

Post Oak Construction strives to achieve the following core qualifications:

  • Thorough knowledge of legal issues and safety standards.
  • Effectively time management and logical decision-making ability.
  • Excellent communication skills (oral & written).
  • Capability to motivate, lead and boost morale of team.
  • Wide experience in construction demolition and general labor.
  • Strong familiarity with general construction equipment operation.
  • Coordinated design and planning to ensure design standards are met and maintained.
  • Conducted and performed site progress during various stages of construction projects.
  • Analyzed vendor proposals and selected the appropriate one for each project.
  • Reviewed construction technical documentation for accuracy, feasibility, quality and conformance to industry standards.
  • Supervised and guided other staff throughout the construction process.
  • Prioritizing of job schedules and assignments.
  • Timely completion of assignments.
  • Performed cleanup and equipment storage tasks at end of daily shifts.
  • Achieved to arranged construction materials for easy access and handling.
  • Perform various general labor tasks as required.