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Construction, Remodeling, Custom Cabinets, Handyman Services

Construction, Remodeling, Custom Cabinets, Handyman Services

The transition process from idea, to concept, design and to plan is the function of an experienced designer/planner. With over 12 years of design experience, Post Oak Construction has a wide variety of experience in commercial and residential design, construction and supervision. Post Oak Construction can assist by converting an owner’s idea into a 2d design, analyze the functionality of the concept and transform the design concept into a construction plan. Post Oak Construction maintains relationships with various professional Architects and Engineers for consultation and certification as required for various construction projects. Referral to state licensed companies are available upon request.

Regardless of whether commercial or residential, it is a proven fact, a property owner’s efforts to improve and maintain a property reflects pride of ownership. Thus, consumers and investors generally attribute more value to an attractive well-maintained property, both inside and out. Quite often diligent effort by owners to improve and maintain properties also assists real property appreciation. Because every property owner strives to add value to their assets, a program of improvements and regular maintenance is an often enjoyable way to do yourself a favor benefiting you, your family, tenants, customers and your neighbors.

Construction, Remodeling, Custom Cabinets, Handyman Services

Pressure Washing & Painting

Power-washing is an excellent method of removing dirt, mold and mildew which causes the deterioration of your building and home’s exterior surfaces. Whether your improvements are wood frame, brick, siding or stucco, power-washing will clean and restore its original beauty and remove unsightly stains. Additionally, power-washing is an exceptional method for preparing your property for exterior paint applications. Most wood on patio decks turns a grayish color after being exposed to winter weather for a few years. Power-washing exposes the beauty of the natural wood grain previously masked by dirt, tree sap and other environmental elements.

Construction, Remodeling, Custom Cabinets, Handyman Services


Landscaping can add value to your home and surrounding property. People will pay more for a home that looks nice and well maintained on the outside, as well as in, and home property values reflect that. The more your home is worth, the more equity it will have. We all strive to add value to our assets and this is an easy, enjoyable way to do a favor for yourself, your home, and your neighbors.

Construction, Remodeling, Custom Cabinets, Handyman Services


Remodeling Houston's kitchens is one of our favorite types of construction jobs. After all, the kitchen is where you spend much of your time whipping up fantastic meals and entertaining family and friends. Whether you have your heart set on a gourmet kitchen with professional appliances, want to create a more efficient workspace, or simply would like to stylize the area with new cabinets and countertops we are here to help! We'll support you from A to Z and help you create a stunning kitchen.

Construction, Remodeling, Custom Cabinets, Handyman Services

Powder rooms

Does your Houston home have enough restrooms? Do your existing bathrooms look worn out? Do you want more space? We can help you create a bathroom retreat that will warm your heart! Adding a new bathroom can be the best home improvements you can make. Not only do Houston potential home buyers expect lots of powder rooms, they want luxurious ones! Whether you want to enhance your bathroom with a new sink or create a spacious getaway complete with a walk-in shower and high-end fixtures, you've come to the right place. There's no wish we can't handle.

Construction, Remodeling, Custom Cabinets, Handyman Services


Since the area is regularly battered by hailstorms, hurricanes, and tornados, roofing is a important part of our business. When roofs have been affected, we'll be right out on a priority basis to secure your home from further exposure. Is it time for a new roof? we will wow with that too. We offer the best selection of roofing construction supplies appropriate for the Houston area.

Construction, Remodeling, Custom Cabinets, Handyman Services


If you're outgrowing your Houston home, it's tempting to sell the house and buy a bigger one. This could be a financial mistake! Selling, obtaining, and moving away to a new home is expensive and heartbreaking. Realtor fees, closing costs, higher taxes, and a higher mortgage are just the beginning. Your new home will need landscaping, patios, patio covers, garage door openers and other add-ons once you move in. Instead, invest in your current Houston home by adding a room addition. we will wow you with a variety of room additions whether it's on the ground floor or a second story. Dream up the comfort of a new master bedroom. Is a billiard room more your style? Allow us to help you extend your home with a new room addition.